Kinderd Healing Antiseptic

Healing Antiseptic:

DISCLAIMER: Please note, homeopathic remedies are not intended as a replacement for medical diagnosis and treatment. They can enhance one’s health and healing, but for any serious conditions, please seek medical care from a licensed practitioner. Your health is the utmost prority!

These remarkable, pattented formulas have been our primary products availble for over 25 years now. Rave reviews have come in about the exceptional speed and healing quality of these remedies.

Used on scrapes, cuts, bug bites, rashes, surgical incisions, tattoos, and more, they have even been used for cleansing and moisturizing one’s face! The unique combination of herbs reduces redness, swelling and disinfects wounds, nourishes the skin, as well as numbs the discomfort. It was also designed to help reduce scarring and speed the healing process.


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