Introducing our NEW Greek Gods Intention Candle Line!

Kinderd Spirits is proud to reveal the beginning of our Positive Intentions Candle Line. This Greek Gods & Goddesses-inspired line was crafted with specific intent. The perfect blend of Soy and Beeswax with low smoke wicks makes these natural, environmentally friendly candles a delight in your home. Whether for ambiance or to activate energy for a specific purpose, the aromatic fragrance of each custom blend, and a beautiful glowing flame makes these a welcome luxury that will soothe your soul.

From small to large, each candle is hand-poured with a mixture of essential oils and candle fragrances, and they’re long lasting! Are you curious how to activate the intentions of these Artisan candles? Each Intention Candle comes with a wax-sealed parchment spell! (It’s not required to use it, just a little extra for those so inclined.)

DISCLAIMER: Please ensure you practice safe burning with anything flamable. Use fireproof containers and don’t leave candles unattended for your own safety. With the intentions candles, we do use small amounts of botanicals on the top. Please be sure to monitor the candle during use.

DISCLAIMER: Given our candles are Artisan-Handcrafted, all candles are limited editions and may vary slightly in scent, colour, and size. Due to limited availability with our container distributors, furture purchase of candles may vary in appearance.

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