Welcome to Kinderd Spirits

Kinderd Spirits

The Spiritual Realm Of The Eternal Soul, Flaming & Alive, With The Drive & Desire To Become, Completely Self-Aware.

Kinderd Spirits has been offering Tarot, Tea Leaf & Spiritual readings for over 35 years now from the Greater Toronto Area and throughout the entire Eastern Ontario area. We are permanently based in Tweed Ontario. Readings are private and completely confidential.

Zanne is the Medium, Tarot/Tea Leaf Reader & Spiritual Advisor for Kinderd Spirits, private readings. online, phone, email , fundraising events and private parties.


We all have our own set of personal beliefs. We are all looking to expand and develop an understanding of our life experiences. Kinderd Spirits in not simply a “Company or business.” It is a way of life. We here at Kinderd Spirits promote:

Trusting and following your own instincts.

Taking your experiences in life and learn how to apply them for personal growth and developments.

Taking personal control of your life path and the decisions you make.

Ensuring what you choose and what you do does not inflict harm upon yourself or anyone else.

“Do What Ye Will, & Harm To None.”

Encourage all to embrace some form of faith (of whatever religious denomination you should choose to follow.)

We recognize & respect all religious forms of worship.